Discover Couples HARMONY

The Card Game for Couples

Our Story

Couples HARMONY was built by two lovers for lovers. We want to share the very connection that has brought us together which continues to make our relationship more special everyday.

We believe love is a pillar of happiness that can be achieved no matter the circumstance. Therefore, we focused on creating a fun game for couples to empower their relationships and lives through meaningful conversations and practical activities.

Our concept is based on personal development ideas and relationship best practices we have experienced so far. In your hand, it becomes a tool for you to express your creativity and enjoy authentic moments that are unique to your couple.


About Couples HARMONY

Couples HARMONY is an easy-to-play game and tool for couples to strengthen their bonds at the 3 levels of being - Body, Mind & Soul. You'll find 110 cards packed with creative and practical ideas for new or established duos to engage in enjoyable activities and positive conversations.

With Couples HARMONY, embark on exciting new ventures and deep dive in some heart-to-heart exchanges to boost your relationship skills, and simultaneously learn to communicate more effectively. With this playing cards, you can deepen your connection with your partner by creating more opportunities to celebrate each other, and thus through original and romantic couple's missions.

110 Unique Playing Cards

Each card is designed to stimulate conversation, build intimacy and strengthen your relationship. You may be surprised at what you learn about your partner!


77 cards for quick and simple interactive activities and conversation starters. Engage all your senses to create fun and authentic moments with your partner.


33 cards that will put the most adventurous couples to the test by taking the game to the next level. These are "couple missions" where the couple put their teamwork to the play.

Develop your relationship

Learn More About Your Partner

These couple conversation cards are designed to help you explore your relationship and develop a strong bond. Perfect for any date night or romantic vacation.

Spice Up Your Relationship

If you're looking to add excitement in your relationship, look no further. This couple game is packed with activities, questions, and topics to keep things interesting.

Communicate With Your Mind, Body & Soul

Connect deeper with your partner on a physical, mental and emotional level. By taking on challenges and doing the activities, you'll create space for deep exchanges and creative thoughts. Together, you'll touch on understanding how your partner feel, learn to align your communication style and establish physical intimacy.


Your body is the vehicle you use to perceive and build your world. Together, take action to built the path to creation & growth: DO.


Your values and beliefs in action. Together, practice mindfulness to empower yourself & overcome anything: THINK.


Listen to your heart. It has a lot to tell you about yourself. Together, learn to understand its language: FEEL.

Start playing

There are many ways to play this game and here are some suggestions.

  • First separate the Gold and Silver deck into 2 piles of cards

  • Agree on who will take start.

  • Shuffle the cards

  • Let's go! Check out the different ways play below.

Straight forward: only use the Silver deck. For this play, remove the 6 “Mission Time!” cards from the deck and you are all set!

Play with both decks. Start with the Silver pile. Should you pick the “Mission Time!” card, get ready for some real and exciting adventures!

Get ready to go on some memorable missions as a couple! Simply pick 3 or 5 random Gold cards. Together have fun in planning the most exciting date for yourselves during which you are set to complete the activities described on all the cards you picked.

Here, you are in charge! You create the rules, so be creative! You can pick a random or specific number of cards from one or both decks for yourself or for your partner... You may even feel like focusing on playing with only one of the 3 aspects (Body - Mind - Soul) of the cards. You have infinite possibilities and it’s your game!

Card Game Features

What's included in Couples HARMONY card game ?

  • Hard box to keep your card fresh.

  • 1 rule card to get started.

  • 33 gold cards to level up your game.

  • 77 silver cards to create instant fun experiences.

Product details:

  • Laminated box for durability.

  • Beautiful design making it the perfect gift to your loved ones.

  • Unique contents developed through real life experiences and relationship development best practices for players to have fun.

This game was specifically design for couples. To start developing your relationship through creative experiences, all you need is two players. You will find a total of 110 interactive cards to help you enhance your connection with your partner at 3 levels: Body | Mind | Soul. Feed your relationship with good times and vibes by engaging in fun and easy activities the cards propose.